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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 18, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for watching fox and friends first. it is the interview everyone is talking about. lance armstrong. we will have the latest on his confession in just minutes. >> first your 5@5:00. the top five stories making tnes at this hour. it could be a break in the murder of the border agent. a mexican national says he shot terry dead when evidences caught trying to do a drug shipment near the border. he turned himself in threatening
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to kill a sheriff in texas. two guns linked to the fast and furious operation were found near the murder scene. the fbi is under criticism about the benghazi take. top libyan officials including the prime minister and intelligence chief. the trip to tripoli comes as a key suspect in the attack was recently released by tunisian officials. the attack on the consulate left four americans dead. >> two fighter jets escort a plane with an accused hijacker on board. they got word an hijacker was on board. the man was questioned. but the fbic says the passenger didn't seem to be a threat. he slept through most of the flight. they are trying to determine if the call was a hoax. >> what caused two planes to
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collide at miami international airport. >> people were freaking out looking outside. we found out a plane had hit us. it would be something similar to an earthquake. >> they described what it was like when a wing of an argentinean airline clipped the wing of another plane. passengers were boarding the plane when it happened. no one on either plane was injured. >> man t manti te'o on a golf course. he hasn't talked about linnea kekua. he learned it was a hoax before the awards show. two-days later he was still talking her death. an unedited transcript of a sports illustrated interview he had a hard time answering simple
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questions such as how they met. they have identified her as diane o'meara a 23-year-old marketing coordinator from california. >> time for a look at who is talking. after a decade of lies and deceit. lance armstrong finally telling the truth. >> the disgraced cyclist going one-on-one with oprah winfrey admitting right off the bat he did use performance enhancing drugs. >> yes or no did you ever use banned substances to enhance your cycling performance. >> yes. >> yes or no was one of those banned substances epo? >> yes. >> did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance? >> no. >> did you ever use any other banned substances testosterone, cortisone or human growth hormone?
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>> yes. >> in all 7 of your tour defrance victories did you ever take banned sub stans or blood dope? >> yes. >> in your opinion was it humanly possible to win the tour defrance without doping 7 times in a row? >> not in my opinion. i view the situation as one big lie that i repeated a lot of times. as you said it wasn't as if i just said no and i moved off it. >> you were defiant? >> oh, yes. >> you called other people liars. >> i understand that. it is the second time in my life where i cannot control the outcome. >> first time was the cancer. >> first time was the disease which obviously and now. the scary thing is winning 7 tours i knew i was going to win. >> how important was winning to you and would you do anything to
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win at all costs? >> basically, basically. winning was important. winning was important. i still like to win but i view it a little differently now. >> armstrong didn't name any names didn't name his teammates he used the drugs with. he claims the last time he used any illegal substance in 2005. he hopes by speaking out he will reduce his lifetime ban to the sport of cycling. >> that gets us to the brew on this question of the day. >> now you heard lance armstrong's confession. are you likely to forgive him for doping and lying? e-mail us at we will leread some of those lar in the show. >> the snow linked to at least one death in mississippi. a man died with his car hit a downed tree parts of mississippi and alabama.
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four inches of snow which is very rare. >> the storm downed trees and knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. a foot of snow is possible in some of the highest elevations. janice dean is tracking the storm for us. >> i would love to see pictures of the kids having fun. >> wouldn't you? >> oh, yeah. the worst of it is over but look at the southern snow totals over a foot of n-- snow in west virginia, virginia. kentucky 6.3. mississippi, akron 4 inches of snow. something they see maybe once every couple of years. that storm system that brought all of that southern snow is almost out of there. a little bit of extra snow and rain offshore. we are going to watch a series of clipper systems fast moving
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storms that come into canada and move over the northern planes. it will bring snow but also a reinforcing shot of cold air. 21 chicago, 25 st. louis, 29 nashville. 33 in charlotte. >> janice dean, thank you. stories you can bank on this morning. want to eat healthy? it may cost you more. lauren simonetti joins us to explain. >> happy friday. >> same to you. >> i have a question. how is it when you are at the restaurant the steak salad costs $19 but the steak entre costs 17. the billion dollar citrus crop in california under a deep freeze after weeks of cold weather. many restaurants have been forced to pay more for items on the menu. romaine lettuce tripled spinach prices more than doubled when you are at the food store lots
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of veggies will not only start costing more green they will start looking less green. doesn't mean they are going to taste different but the vegetables like artichoke and asparagus are going to be brown because of cold weather. >> pay more and get something not quite as nice. new atm machines if you don't have 20 bucks in there you can lower the max. >> the most annoying thing when you are at the atm you have $45 but you are forced to take out 60. chase and pmc dispensing custom denominations of 1 and $5 bills. some will even dispense coins. >> i can't believe that would be worth it for them. interesting development. there are certain college degrees that employers love and others they hate. >> in this job market you want to earn a bachelor's degree that lands you a job. the most loved and hated
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bachelor's degree. start with the bad. you may want to reconsider getting a degree in philosophy fine arts and architecture. the housing bust caused double dig get unemployment for architects. the job market has not turned sour for computer science majors, facebook pin terrorist. the most loved degree healthcare administration. the labor department predicts that 28 percent of all new jobs will be in healthcare by 2020. >> both in college maybe they can switch college. >> my major was not on one of those lists. >> communications. the time now 9 minutes after the hour. an armored truck robbed at gun point in broad daylight. lou holtz weighing in on the manti te'o story. he has advice.
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>> attorney general eric holder asking a court to squirt the law. asking them not to release documents on the botched fast and furious operation. judicial watch made the request 7 months ago on the freedom of information act. the century aurora theater scared by a tragic reopening its doors 6 months after james holmes allegedly killed 12 people. survivors first responders and families of the victims attended and viewed a private screening of the new hobbit movie. overnight routers reporting a plane in algeria to rescue any remaining hostages taken in the terror raid on the gas plant.
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we know one american hostage is still missing. amy kellogg is following those developments from washington. >> this nightmare at a remote gas field in algeria in the middle of the desert is still ongoing. the bulk of the attempt has ended. the state department is saying the situation is not secured and not completely wrapped up. the algerians are saying the fighting on the residential compound has ended but that there are still terrorists hold up on the different part of the facility in the gas pricing area. the numbers are so fluid right now it is hard to know exactly what the casualty count is. in terms of americans jennifer griffin reported through contact of hers in washington that there were five americans who managed to escape getting caught up in
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this. three were taken two managed to escape unharmed one is still unaccounted for. the british are caught up. there are ten britains unaccounted for at this point. it is believed two british may have died in the entire scenario the fighting occurred when the algerian military went in to try to rescue some of the hostages. militants are saying 35 hostages were killed and 11 militants were killed. these numbers are just so fluid the algerians are saying it was four hostages who were killed. so we know that about a couple of dozen people are still missing. these are from many different nationalities. there are lots of another wingians working -- norwegians working. >> live in london, amy kellogg. >> the hopmanti te'o is still ag
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talker. lou holtz is weighing in on this. >> he coached the fighting irish leading them to a national championship. the only way to know the truth about the hoax is to hear it from te'o. >> i know manti te'o a wonderful young man caring kind individual. you look at this story there's no way this could hap pevenlt don't tell me this could be true. for two and a half years you met a relationship with a person on-line you never met them you devoted your life to them. there are questions only manti can answer. he needs to have an interview this is what happened this is what i knew when i knew it. >> this morning long time sports caster jim gray is also speaking out. he says the university of notre dame is partly at fault in all of this mess. >> they are complicity to a certain degree. te'o says he got a call from the number that he felt was his old girlfriend back on december 6th.
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he then reports it to his coaches on december 26th. the coaches then tell the athletic director and the university what has been going on. they then do not disclose this information, bill. they hold on to this through the national championship game which is 11 or 12 days later. they let him continue to answer questions about this he's playing the season for her and dedicating it for her. they continue to perpetuate this fraud. >> the university continues to stand by their player. >> is safety one of your top priorities while looking to get away? what about shopping? we have a list of the places you should go and which cities you should skip. >> why one state lawmaker replacing the word god and putting love. we look at the "tonight show" with jay leno. >> have you been following the girlfriend scandal of manti
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te'o. do you understand this? apparently had an on-line girlfriend that didn't real licks cyst. you know where you met her? fantasy football. fantasy football.
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>> it is 21 minutes after the hour. here are some quick headlines. today the body of a poisoned chicago lottery winner will be exhumed. investigators want to determine exactly how cyanide entered his system. his death was originally ruled to be natural causes. tests showed he was intentionally poisoned. >> the power of pomegranate not so great. the makers of pom wonderful must
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stop using claims people can cheat death in its ad. it can prevent premature aging, heart disease, stroke and cancer. it plans to appeal the decision. ever wonder where the city is located? what about the best spot to go shopping? surveying thousands of people about 40 key tourist destinations around the world to pick the best and worst travel destinations if you are planning a trip. trip advisor wendy sax. good to see you. happy friday. safest city. that's very important. what's the best city? >> the best city overall to travel to according to this trip advisor survey where we looked at 40 cities around the world and surveyed 75,000 trip add vazor travelers, tokyo. >> tokyo? >> it came in as number one as a safe city.
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fantastic subway system, friendly taxi drivers, they have clean streets. tokyo came in as number one. >> what about the worst? >> well, moscow runs very high as one of our worst cities as far as public transportation, friendliness of taxi drivers. >> as far as safety? >> as far as safety that would be punt cana dominican republic. >> not as safe. >> it's a beautiful there. >> what about shopping? >> for shopping in new york city came in as number one in the strip a trip advisor survey. moscow came in as our least favorite shopping city. >> moscow. don't gom to russia if you want to skop. >> moscow is not doing so well in the survey. >> what about money. hard times for everyone trying to save money. what's the best as far as money? >> to get your biggest bang for
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the buck go to portugal. the trip add vazor s -- advisor survey says liz ben had the biggest bang for the buck. new york city also didn't fair so well as far as getting the most money out of your traveling. but it is great for shopping. >> you can spend more money shopping and eating out and all of that. what about friend list cities? >> the friendliest cities tokyo came in high for friendly cities but cancun came in as one of the friendliest cities in the world. i have been there, lots of fun. like one big party down there. >> what about the worst? >> the worst is moscow. >> poor moscow. >> they didn't fair very well go to cancun. lots of friendly people. new york fared high. london didn't fair very well. it hosted the olympics but
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didn't do well. >> good to see you. have a good weekend. it is 24 after the top of the shower. it is the interview everybody is talking about. stunning admissions when we return. your annual checkup at the doctor's office turns out it's just a waste of time. we will explain that one. first on this day in history back in 1975 the jeffersons premiered. [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
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rad >> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am patti ann browne. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is friday. you made it through your workweek. let's get your 5@5:30. for the second time in less than a week the journal news gun owner's map has been broken into. two hand guns and pistol permits were taken along with cash and jewels. they are not sure if the burglary is connected with publishing the names and addresses of gun owners. burglars broke into this also listed on the map. >> caught on camera two gunmen race to go hold up a brinks armored truck. the robbers forced a guard to the ground and tried to take his
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gun away. they fired at the man. he found it a ban doned and shot out. >> a manhunt is currently underway for the robbers. >> if you live in chicago you could forget sipping down all of the energy drinks. a counsel woman wants to ban all of the drinks that contain high amounts of caffeine. it would allow red bull to be sold since it contains less caffeine than other drinks. a previous one wanted energy drink ban for people under the age of 21. >> another attempt to eliminate god in america. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for
5:31 am
which it stands one nation under love, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> carolyn tomei saying one station under love. she didn't think people would notice but it's what she usually says. we remember the car made famous in back to the future. right? oo we remember the dell lowerian turned into a time machine. now a handyman has given one a brand new make-over. it's a dell lowerian hovercraft spinning near the golden gate bridge. they used a dell lowerian body and registered as a legal boat in california. he always dreamed of having a flying dell lowerian like the one in back to the future. that's your 5@5:30.
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>> we finally hear it in his own words. lance armstrong's long-awaited admission he used performance enhancing drugs. >> the disgraced cyclist coming clean with a one-on one interview with oprah winfrey. yes or no. in all 7 of your tour defrance victories did you ever take banned substances or blood dope? >> yes. this issue of performance enhancers, again to me that was we are going to pump up our tires put water in our tires that, too, is going to happen. that was it. so it -- was it a big deal to you? did it feel wrong? >> at the time no. >> it did not even feel wrong? >> no. >> scary. >> did you feel bad about it?
5:33 am
>> no. even scarier. >> did you feel in any way that you were cheating? >> no. >> armstrong went on to say used the drug even in the middle of tour defrance. he won 7 tour defrance titles after they were stripped. the last time he used the drugs was back in 2005. the 2012 campaign has been over for months but president obama didn't get the memo in an unprecedented move he is reportedly turning his releblgs campaign into a tax exempt group to push his second term agenda. chief washington correspondent james rosen joins us live on this. >> for obama campaign staff and supporters will be gathered in washington this coming sunday. it will be a reunion of sorts. but also they will witness the launch of this new group at an event dubbed the obama legacy
5:34 am
conference. according to a report on the web site poll lit co the pro obama organization will be a 501 c 3 a nonprofit for the legislative battle. it will be over debt, deficit, gun control immigration reform leading the organization will be jim macina who will take over the cash of 5.3 million and use it for discreet coalition of the policy battles. it is the most sophisticated in modern times in the use of multi targeting data. vice president giend who hazel lewded to a presidential run of his own spoke about a grass-roots approach in his announcement yesterday as conference as mayor. >> we are going to take this fight to the halls of congress. we are going to take it beyond
5:35 am
that. we are going to go to the country making our case and let the voices, the voice of american people to be heard. >> it will be separate from the democratic national committee. the white house dmc chair debbie watson schultz. describes her as an obama outsider who never enjoyed a close relationship with the president. >> isn't that the question you would love to be asked what are you going to do with the leftover 5.3 million? >> i don't anticipate that in my life. >> a too bad hopefully you share the wealth. >> dumped several inches of snow but it claimed the life of one man in mississippi. >> four inches or so. >> tracking all of this for us is janice dean.
5:36 am
haggen janice. we were talking about the snow in mississippi well it's out of there. look how quickly it left 24-hours later and we are dealing with a little bit of snow a little bit of rain across coastal northeast regions. take a look at the future radar as we head into the weekend. we are watching clipper systems moving across the great lakes in the midwest. enjoy the temperatures while they are here now as we get into next week some of the coldest air of the season is on its way. i know you probably heard me say that before. 37 dallas. 27 albuquerque, 29 in new york. big day on monday. inauguration day. what is the forecast for our reporters that will be outside. 35 degrees winds are going to be pretty blustery. we are going to feel a windchill. going to feel like 30, maybe 29. little cool. m
5:37 am
megyn kelly bring your puffy coats. >> janice dean, thank you. it is time for your fox news health fix anna kooiman is here with a roundup of the top medical stories. >> good morning. are you wasting your time going to the doctor's office for a an annual checkup. yes. those visits are pretty much useless. they looked at 182,000 patients. some got regular checkups some did not. those who skipped the yearly doctor's visits were not more likely to die than those who did. the doctors not only found that these visits waste time they also waste money. 210 billion is spent every year on health expenses. then this morning detecting disease may be as simple as taking a breathalyzer test. a group of researchers at university of vermont are looking at tests that could look
5:38 am
at bacteria in the lungs. the test has been successful in detecting two types of lung infections in mice. if it works it could significantly reduce the wait time for a diagnosis which can often take weeks. finally this friday heart attack on a plate have you ever heard that expression about a nasty greasy meal or a tasty grease ye meal. the extreme eating list from center of signs and public interest may fit the bill. take for example i hop country fried steak and eggs meal. it looks good. clocks in at 2800 calories as much as eating 20 buttermilk n paniagua cakes. johnny rockettes thinks you are only supposed to eat one meal a day. 1,570 calories for the cheddar double burger with sweet potato fridays. that's the ee gifl rent of four
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big macs from mcdonalds. if you want your baby back baby back baby back ribs. their full rack meal is a whopping 2,330 calories the same as eating 9 and a half slices of a cheese pie at pizza hut. ladies, are you hungry? >> i love the baby back baby back baby back. >> barbecue sauce. >> the time now 39 minutes after the hour. still to come they broke the law an are already living off your tax dollars behind bars. that's not stopping these prisoners from stealing millions more from your wallet. >> a city employee staying warm and dry while thousands of people sat in the dark freezing temperatures and a lot of flooding during super storm sandy. all because he decided to go and borrow the city's generator. at 1:45, the aflac duck was brought in
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with multiple lacerations to the wing and a fractured beak. surgery was successful, but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly sever months. so, if the duck isn't able to work, how will he pay for his living expenses? aflac. like his rent and car paymets? aflac. what about ga and groceries? aflac. cell phone? aflac, but i doubte'll be using his phone for quite a while cause like i said, he has a fractured beak. [ male announcer ] send the lac duck a get-well card at
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>> 42 after the hour. toyota is celebrating the suits. a utah crashed killed two people in 2010. it was a problem that caused cars to accelerate on their own. metropolitan transportation authority demoting the big boss after he found out he took the agency's generator to use at his home after sandy. power went out at his ohm in long island. thousands were left in the dar s for weeks after the super storm. thanks patti ann. just because they are already behind bars doesn't mean they aren't making out like bandits. prisoners are claiming loads of fraudulent tax refunds from behind bars. diane macedo is here with the lathes.
5:44 am
>> tax fraud appears to be a popular past time in u.n. prisons. a new report by treasurer's department says the irs detected more than 173,000 fraudulent tax returns from inmates last year. that's more than twice the number detected in 2010. some inmates steel identity from obituaries some even use their own but fudge the numbers to try to get much bigger tax refunds they deserve. in 2012 two inmates alone tried to claim more than $1 billion. the good news is the irs says it stopped those two and others from illegally claiming 2.5 billi 2.5 billion in last refunds last year. they are stepping up enforcement but says more needs to be done. $35 million slipped through the cracks and so the irs says it's very successful at detecting and stopping in incorrect refunds when prisoner data is available it adds there are significant challenges getting complete and
5:45 am
consistent data from the multiple jurisdictions involved. still the agency says if committed to enhancing the process is to further minimize prisoner refund fraud. >> it is now 44 after the top of the hour. coming up either he was duped or he duped us. we are looking into the unfolding saga of notre dame's manti te'o and if he can now sue for falling for that hoax. arthur aidala is up next. >> image never having to wash your shirt again. a new t-shirt claims it can do just that. steve doocy see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> that could change everything. you never have to wash your clothes. >> pretty cool. >> kinda. although i don't actually do the laundry at my house. coming up on "fox & friends." lance armstrong is a big fat liar. he admitted to doping last night
5:46 am
on oprah. make that doprah. president obama is bushing for stronger gun controls in this country. why then about 10 years or so ago in the illinois state l legislature when gun free zones came up he voted present and not for it. we will talk more about that. jack hannah an expert in animals. right? maybe not the expert you think. we are going to put him to the test. fox and friends start live in new york city 14 minutes from right now. reen giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work.
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>> a rare winter storm dumping several inches of snow in the southeast. one person has died and a storm warning is still in effect for several states this morning. nicole furgason is live in north
5:50 am
carolina. good morning, nicole. >> good morning to you all. well, i tell you what, we got about 3 inches of snow and that's not the problem. our problem this morning are the road ways and what's happening there. the trailers have come through here and the now plows and everything cleared up the city roads. yesterday morning when we were with you that kept the dot from getting on the roadways this was a rain snow mix. they couldn't do anything about the roads because of all of the assault would have washed away. this morning we are getting the black ice. this is what it's looking like on the roadways. wh this is what is under it. one of the others on interstate 85 in the middle of a state where a big rig accident had gone on and hit a trooper we
5:51 am
have 15,000 across the state without power this morning. a bit of what we didn't expect yesterday going into this. >> that can be deceiving all of that ice on the ash assault. thank you very much. >> man tie te'o told the world his grandmother and girlfriend both side the same week. the girlfriend didn't exist. it was part of an internet hoax. he says he was duped and is there any legal fallout here. we are talking to arthural add dial law. >> to >> he thought evidences communicating with this girl he thought he wit was his girlfrie. >> you need to look at this young man is very very
5:52 am
intelligent. straight a student at dote name a top university in the nation. he's also the quarterback of the defense. he's the brains behind how they run the defense for one of the best teams in football and he's going to get duped on an internet scandal. it doesn't make sense. a girl dies. she was in a car accident allegedly she had leukemia and died. he never goes to see the familiar flifr goes to the grave site never goes to the hospital. they never skype. it just doesn't ring true. what rings a little more true is maybe, this would be very unfortunate if it's untrue. maybe he was an individual who isn't attracted to women and this was an opportunity for him to have an excuse he's in the spotlight he's a celebrity. he's expected to be surrounded with women in our society and this was a perfect way for him to push that obligation away and to go forward. unfortunately it all came crashing down a month ago notre dame knew about this a month ago
5:53 am
and never told anybody. >> briefly because we want to get to lance. any lawsuits? >> any one including himself if he can prove he's a victim of this hoax and he can't sleep at night he has to see a sigh c psychologist he can see who created this hoax for damages for his emotional disskres. >> a lot will come out of this case. he looked up the word cheat to gain an unfair advantage over an o opponent. i didn't think i was cheating because i wasn't trying to gain an advantage i was trying to level the playing field because they were all doping. any validity? >> that's not an excuse. sorry officer everyone else is speeding and i am speeding, too. the police officer is still going to write you a ticket. there are all of these lawsuits the flfs people attacking him
5:54 am
trying to get his money for all of the fake wins by nike, et cetera, et cetera, he won 7 million for winning the last one. they are going to say look, we want summary judgment. he has already admitted on television to oprah this was a lie. we paid him based on something that we thought was true now we know it's a lie. >> what about the charity? >> he did do a lot of things there. he gave for people with cancer not just because he won 7 tour defrance. >> did you see any remorse? >> i don't even know why he is out there talking right now. >> everybody wants to think what they did was okay. it was so wrong. he probably committed one of the biggest frauds on the international community ever. >> a lot to unfold there, too. >> we got a lot in there.
5:55 am
>> hap fpy friday. >> five minutes to the top of the hour. earlier we asked you if you were going to for give lance armstrong for doping and lying. now that you heard some of his confession we will have the answers next. >> talk about fighting fire and ice. one firefighter taking on the elements head on. ainsley will be with us. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it with best-in-class combined mpg and more interior room than corolla and civic and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation, and other handy stuff? yeah, that woulde cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169 per month lease on a new nissan sentra, plus $500 holiday bonus cash. ♪
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>> two minutes to the top of the hour as you take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. starting with the good. are you a clumsy either? a repellent can be put on clothing to make it repel against anything. it may be good for the kids so when they spill. next the bad. more than 50,000 children pajamas recalled because
5:59 am
they can catch on fire. the two-piece sets are sold at target with the brand names circo and he go sill sill -- he can sill -- exhilaration. a fire fighter climbing a ladder to rescue someone from the window when a huge chunk of snow fell from the roof sending him tumbling. luckily no one was injured. >> time for your brew on this question of the day responses. >> we asked now that lance armstrong confessed to the doping are you likely to forgive him for living? >> yes, i forgive lance armstrong. he was doping because everyone else was. lance is a hero because he won seven tour de france races. >> tom says i do not forgive armstrong. if he would have told the


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